Thursday 8 December 2022

Trade Stack: Elevator Action

If you have one of the cards on any of my wantlists, I'll trade the contents of the stack to you, in return for a single card (or sticker) from those lists. I'll throw cards onto the stack at intervals of my choosing (whenever I feel like it).

Card #6 on Stack #1:
I just want to get rid of this card. Given I usually donate my dupes to a home for families escaping violence, I can't donate it. Maybe it will turn a white elephant gift, passed around among bloggers.  

Perhaps the other cards in the pile will entice you?

Want them?

1. You make a comment on the most recent post of the trade stack staking your claim, and say what you're sending. (That's this one!)
2. You send me an e-mail providing your address.
3. I reply, giving you my address.
4. We each drop a PWE in the mail containing the promised card(s).
5. You're shipping to Canada, so remember that!

There you have it! 

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