Saturday 10 December 2022

2022 Chronicles Value Pack Break


I know I should probably start on the second hobby box of this, but I'm not really up to all that scanning and cropping. So, here's the same set, but fewer cards.

There do tend to be a lot more "paper cards" in one of these packs than the hobby packs. Sure, they may be less luxurious than the chrome/prizm/foil cards, but they also don't make my scanner look filthy. My hobby boxes didn't lead to any Suzuki appearances, so that's nice to get out of this. Castillo almost replicates the bat position perfection with the design that Otto Lopez hit earlier this week.
The acetates are one-per-pack, something similar to the hobby packs. And Julio Rodriguez was another big name that didn't show up in my hobby boxes. Maybe I should only have bought retail...

Some foil cards. The Vlad is a dupe from the Jays pick-a-team, and I have no complaints about duping up. Are there any Glen Otto superfans that would have appreciated this portion of the pack more?  
And here's the retail exclusives. Gil is the advertised Pink Pulsar parallels, and Altuve is unadvertised. But, the Revolutions have been retail exclusive for baseball Chronicles for past releases, so it was also expected. This one is the Astro parallel, somewhat less common than the base ones.

Getting a couple names I didn't get in my other breaks makes this an easy winner for the pack. 

There you have it!

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