Monday 26 December 2022

Maybe I Have a Problem - Part 1

Some Stadium Club Mets and Blue Jays showed up lately. The only problem is that I completely forgot about buying into their slots in breaks until I got the shipping notification. Yes. I think that qualifies as a problem.

At least I didn't pick up the team slots in subsequent breaks.

So, I guess I have some great photos to show off.

Here's the vertical portion of the set. Toronto doesn't get historical content in these sets very often, and that's going to be even rarer now that Roberto Alomar is banned, and probably not showing up in Topps products. So, I'm going to savour that Joe Carter appearance, especially with such a memorable moment getting the nod for the photo. 
AL pitchers holding a bat, or NL pitchers for that matter, even if it isn't in a game situation, is a pretty rare site for a card. But it the perfect cameo for Jose Berrios' return to Minnesota makes that the best of this horizontal grouping. If it weren't for the memories that the Joe Carter card brings back, it would probably be my favourite of the team set.
The extent of the parallels, autographed or otherwise, were these red ones.
While I can see the inclusion of Manoah in a set like this, is it really necessary to include someone like Bichette, who was wrapping up his 4th season when this dropped. Tatis Jr. Soto and Acuna Jr were also included. 
And while I didn't get one of the autographs out of this, all was still very well as I did get the Instavision card, which is a case hit. And it feels like a special card as well, which is what a rare card should feel like.

I'll get to the Mets stuff next time.

There you have it!


  1. Those Instavision inserts are nice. You make a good point about rare card being given special attention.

  2. Love the Berrios card.

    Looking forward to seeing the Mets cards.