Wednesday 14 December 2022

Incoming Mail! PWEs from Kerry @ Cards on Cards

 I hinted at there being some really solid mailers that showed up recently, where I wrote that I'd really have to fire back well at Kerry with my next mailer after these PWEs.

When Kerry recapped the incoming Prizm content  from a group break, I remarked that I really liked the photo on this. Fortunately, there was an extra one to get thrown onto my trade pile!
Everything else in this was direct additions to my PCs. Let's go from Prizm-to-Prizm with some Raptors content. Thanks to Scottie Barnes' presence, the Raptors cost in group breaks was way too rich for my blood. So I welcome any additions out of 21-22 Prizm.
Speaking of Scottie, here's some of his cards. Luminance may be one of the few 'sets' I had yet to land a card from out of Chronicles. And then there's that gaudy parallel, more accurately described as an 'Orange Laser'. Despite his sophomore jinx, that's still a $20 card over in COMC-land. 
Siakam rookies! I probably already have that Hoops card, but it might be trapped within my set build. But I know for certain that Complete card is new to me.
My player PC of Jamal Murray got a bunch of new additions as well. 
Both in card and sticker form. That puts him at 121 total of the local product. 
The basketball gets sandwiched perfectly between some more baseball. Reese McGuire could have won himself a triple crown in Toronto, but he'd still likely be more remembered for the parking lot incident. Logue was sent to Oakland as part of the Matt Chapman trade, and made his MLB debut this past season with them. So, it is the Kirk that really stands out with an appearance out of Zenith/Chronicles. Is he the catcher of the future? Maybe...since Gabriel Moreno did get some outfield reps this past year. Or they'll just take advantage of their wealth at the position and trade someone. But for now, that remains a great auto of their 2022 All-Star.

There you have it!

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  1. I have no idea why I had so many Jamal Murray cards. I must have forgotten that you collected him for a bit.