Saturday 3 December 2022

2022 Heritage Minors - 2 Box Break


The only logical way to follow-up my set-build of regular Heritage is, at least until High Numbers drops, is to bust some boxes of the Minor League version. I ended up with about 8 to go in the regular set, along with a dozen SPs.
The look is exactly what you expect from this set. Heritage design  - minor leaguers. I love how on this one, the bat's position next to a fan makes it seem like he's holding some sort of Flintstones club.

Best name in the boxes: Warming Bernabel. 
Best (cap) logo in the boxes will probably go to the Lake Elsinore Storm as long as it exists.
Naturally, there were cards for Mets and Jays prospects as well, with there being a nice bunch of dupes for both teams to fill out the team collections as well as the set build.
Here's 4 teams that I know for certain are making their first appearances in any of my collections. I only hope that the Space Cowboys do, at some point, have a player named Maurice on their roster. 
Alternate jerseys are also there, to increase the charm of this set.
Sadly, it is hidden among the SPs, but we do get a tribute to the classic Luis Alvarado card with a chain link fence and parking lot card. Favourite base card photo? I haven't seen all of them, but this one will probably end up on top! 

Off to the inserts!
The box toppers in this don't even warrant a simple cello pack. They are just tossed on top of the packs loose. 
The 1973 pack themed inserts are inspired in a "what would it look like if these players had cards in regular Heritage, with its varied pack designs" way. They'd be even better if the backs of the cards had odds and copyright information on it. 
More retro, with a mix of legends and prospects.
It is the alternate uniforms that make the Tarjetas my favourite of the insert set, even if some teams make multiple appearances among a 15 card set.
Parallels! Only one in each box, with the blue being the most common of them, numbered to /99 and the green to /75. That green one is easily my favourite card in the box, with it being both a Blue Jays card, and a 2/14 baby. I was happy enough to get 2 base cards of Moreno over the 2 boxes, but to get a numbered parallel...YES! This one will be near the top of my annual list of 2/14 cards in a couple months.  And it overshadows the listed positions on Chandler's.
Finally, the promised autos! That Holgate has already been set aside for a future mailer to Portland, and that has definitely been worthy of having a return mailer sent following some recent incoming PWE. How do you make a Fort Myers Mighty Mussels debut in the collection even better? Add in an autograph to go alongside the base card content. That Clase is a pretty bland auto in terms of penmanship, but Luis Gonzalez  more than makes up for it in terms of legibility. If the baseball thing doesn't work out, he could always rove through clubhouses teaching cursive to players. And he could start with his namesake

There you have it!


  1. Nice. I don't open a lot of boxes, but treated myself to 1 of these today and pulled a colour swap unnumbered variation which is a 1:771 packs pull, so beyond a case hit.