Thursday 29 December 2022

The Chronicles Finale

 Unlike with the Stadium Club stuff from the past two posts, I actually remember this. This was another random of 2022 Chronicles baseball, where I got the Colorado/Arizona combo spot.

If it weren't for the Ketel Marte I got in one of my personal boxes, I'd doubt that Arizona got any cards in the whole set without the RC logo on it. 

The same could be said for Colorado. 
But at least I got this one that came with a little bit of blue, and a stamp that says it is /50.
But I'm guessing that this will not include that RC logo. And yes, this is still considered a Colorado card. If Marcus Semien can still have Jays cards in this, I guess Trevor Story can still get cards with the Rockies. This card should end up being /10, and, if this is any indication, it should also have 4 patches to go alongside it. I did get a Cedric Mullins /25 Fireworks in one of my boxes, so these should look pretty nice together.

There you have it!

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