Saturday 17 December 2022

2022 Chronicles Baseball Box Break #2 - Packs 1 through 3

 I finally get to the second box of the product. The hits are definitely more interesting in this one.

Pack 1:

 Here's the base stuff. While I do like the look of Recon, I might like the Zenith design in this even more, with there being some nice gaudiness there as well, instead of the generic Prizm/Chrome stuff. 
Numbered parallel #1, this time Clearly Donruss provides the first numbered parallel with this blue /50. And it is (kinda) team colours.
Dang! It always feel odd to get a big hit (even if the player isn't a major name) out of the first pack in a box. My first question was what this patch was from, as I didn't recall any sort of green associated with the Phillies, other than their mascot. It looks like it was this Veterans Stadium patch, but that just left me more puzzled as to why a patch that would logically have last been seen 20 years ago is showing up in a 2022 product. Throwback uni?

And the card is, to give it the correct insert set name, a Spectra Rookie Jersey Autographs Splatter, and is /16. At least this feels like a card that should be numbered to that level

Pack 2:
Anything is going to be a letdown after that, but here's the base from the second pack.
Getting the 2-per-box numbered parallels out of the way early it seems. And it is with the coveted ebay 1/1! Last one stamped!
Yes, a plain white swatch is definitely going to be a downer after the first pack. Even if this can cheerfully go on the pile to be sent to the Night Owl sometime in the new year.

Pack 3:
Just base in the final pack today. I'd be happier about the Jays/Mets content in the bottom row if both of them weren't dupes from previous breaks, whether group or retail pack. So the best I can say about this is "Recon! YAY!"

But  it would have to be an amazing box for the remaining not to be a step down from the first pack. Packs 2 and 3 didn't have a chance. Fortunately for this box, there is still a pretty great hit to come in a future pack!

There you have it!


  1. That patch is pretty cool - not sure that I love the set as a whole (too many designs for my taste as a set collector) but I can appreciate the variety if nothing else.

  2. Wow, that Crouse is sick! And I'll balance out Chris' opinion with my usual praise of the many fun different designs :)

  3. Cool patch. My kid is getting a box of this for Christmas, so hoping he does well with it.

  4. What happens is the card company probably bought a store model jersey and/or item and had the player wear it or touch it for a moment, then cut up where they end up with a patch like the one of Crouse.

    It's cheaper not to get out and get something game worn.