Friday 23 December 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 40 - A Walmart Return


It has been a long time since I've picked up a repack at Walmart. Their shelves have been mainly filled with retail blasters since early in the pandemic. This has to be my first one of this year, and I might not have even done one last year. 

Here's the four sealed packs. Except for the CHL one, pretty much what I expected to see.
I guess this was one of the bonus tins. This was just put in there loose. The Tampa logo in the lower corner means that this doesn't count as a Sens card. But a hit is still hit, and that has to be a Sens uniform used on it.

I'll show off the packs in chronological order.
At least the Sens cards in the Score pack are more obvious ones. Even if there is another logo/jersey mismatch. I'm going to assume that Steve Mason is a Rangers-alum dupe, but until I've added them into my TCDB account, I won't be certain.
While there is a lot of potential in any 15-16 pack, this pack had only base cards. But it did remind me of how disappointingly bland last years' photo choices were. 
There was an insert here. Unfortunately, it was from the incredibly bland, but persistent Portraits set. 
It is fun to revisit sets like this to see if any of these players have reached the NHL during the years between release and busting the pack. That Jason Robertson really stands out as a pretty nice pull with his first Upper Deck card. Heponiemi and Bouchard are the only other two in this group to have played in at least one NHL game. Lodnia, Sambrook, Helvig and Zablocki were drafted, though.

Exactly what I want from a repack experience - randomness!

There you have it!

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  1. If we had repacks like this I'd probably pick up way too many. Just blew a few bucks on a football repack that was mostly 2022 Sage :/