Thursday 28 July 2022

This Post is Full of Ehls


For my 2/14 collection, nothing beats going on a small spending spree for cards that, thanks to e-packs, are pretty inexpensive at COMC. And here's a dozen of them. 

There generally are not any base cards available, excepting the higher end releases. But there are lots of parallels, such as this MVP silver signature.
Inserts too! Such as this Series 1 insert - Electromagnetic. Why not throw in a rainbow with a just a single card? There's also a gold parallel sitting in my inventory for a future shipment. 

Speaking of rainbows...
Here's a page worth of parallels! I actually pack-pulled the middle one to complete the page worth of cards. As for the rest, starting from the top left, there's a Red Prizm /199, Violet Pixes /399, Aquamarine /499, Pink Matte, Rainbow, Sunset, Rainbow Color Wheel and a Yellow Traxx /249. It might not be every parallel to be an official rainbow, but a page worth is good enough for me.
And to deviate from the e-pack results, here's a couple pack pulls from when I was building the 21-22 OPC set. I like the retro design this year, but the colour matching the uniform has to give the nod to the blue parallel. It might also do the same for my favourite Ehlers card when I do my annual  2/14 recap next year.

There you have it!

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