Thursday 7 July 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 21.4 - Forgotten, but not Gone

 Just some smaller packs left.

Not too much noteworthy among the base cards in the Bowman Chrome pack, but that insert is pretty nice. It is actually from an insert set that stretched across multiple Bowman products, and the set title is quite the mouthful. "Blue Sapphire 1st Bowman Card Reprint Refractor". With a title like that, it better be a nice looking one.

The first pack of Update hit a lot of my PCs

A card for the Mets collection, or even more specifically the David Wright collection.
Three cards for the Blue Jays collection (and that red parallel couldn't be a better one to go alongside that photo).

And even a pair of card for my Canadians in MLB collection. Even if all the 6 cards about are likely to be dupes, it is still nice to find such a PC friendly pack.
Even this really great photo was in there.
As for the second pack, it was a Shelby Miller hot pack, and that is about all that was interesting about it. 

And then there was the bonus item.
It definitely was a pretty unique item. A super thin (almost like a piece of film) Proof parallel from Pacific. They weren't afraid to get a little odd with their releases, and this certainly counts as such. And it feels like something worthy of being called a bonus.

There you have it! 

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