Sunday 17 July 2022

2022 Adventures in Repacks - Part 22 - A Sunday Surprise

 Let's do one of these!

And long live the Swedish content!
Clockwise from the top left, I start with the 1000 pt pack, and find Dino showing his best side to the camera. But we also get one of the better masks from the early 90s, and someone with some mighty fine genetics in Keith Tkachuk. 
I could have messed up and switched the 1000pt and HOFer pack, with both repacks highlighted by a 1000pt HOFer, and both with a team that one wouldn't think of them firstly as a member of. I'd usually be disappointed when a minor league card doesn't show the team logo, but seeing Victo down the line of the shorts is completely bush league. In a good way.
I didn't think the Swedish stuff would provide mask binder content, but here it is! That face-off photo is pretty intense, and the card includes an umlaut as well! Anything with an umlaut automatically makes for a great card, and a great pack. 
The goalie pack even manages to go outside the comfort zone of mask binder candidates by also adding a card to my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection. Ray LeBlanc spent one season in town, but that's more than enough for me to count the player towards the collection. 

There you have it!

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  1. Great cards especially the goalie cards. USA LeBlanc, then Canucks and Puppa who looks like he could be sighing.