Monday 18 July 2022

Local Flavour

 Just a couple cards today featuring a couple guys born in Kitchener.

If I get a package from COMC that doesn't include at least one Jamal Murray card, I know it must have been a set-builder package, or that something went really wrong with my picking of cards. This was the Jamal Murray content in my latest one. Just a single card, but it does have some shine to it. His prices have slowed down quite a bit lately (being out for more than a complete season can do that), so that helps out my acquisition of his cards.
It is hard to have a 'local' themed post without including a  hockey portion, and here it is. Lorentz has finished his second full season with Carolina, and that's pretty impressive for a 7th round selection. He's one of only 6 players from the 2015 draft's 7th round to even appear in a game. He's on his way out of Carolina, though, as he is heading to San Jose as part of the Brett Burns trade, as the Sharks head into rebuilding mode. Although his signature is garbled, at least he included the number in it.

There you have it!

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