Friday 15 October 2021

This is Offending One-Celled Animals

Yeah, I finally gave in and added the beyond-cringeworthy card of Chief Powa Hitta into my collection. 

What in the Ever-loving Fuck, late 70s Richmond Braves? I'm not even getting into the stoner qualities of Seymour Baseball. 

And short of getting my hands on that Walker Brothers card, this will be the most racist card in my collection. 

Cleanse your soul with my first CFL Brandon Banks autograph, replacing his Washington...Football Team autographs in my Tiger-Cats collection. 


  1. I've seen the Chief Powa Hitta card before, think I even featured it on my blog. I have NOT seen the linked card before. Yikes.

  2. What...were...they...THINKING?

  3. So much wrongness with these cards!

    (Not the auto! That's cool)

  4. Part of me kinda likes that Chief card. All of me doesn't like that linked card.