Tuesday 12 October 2021

Some of This, Some of That

 And it all adds up to some new cards in the 2/14 collection.

This one had been on my wantlist for a bit, before finally dropping down to a level where I felt comfortable shelling out the COMC credit to add it to my collection. The card comes from the one-and-done 1977 Mexican Topps NFL release, and it looks like Dolphins is one of the name that translated well into Spanish. Bills? 49ers? Not as translatable. Its addition also completes the NFL portion of the Larry Seiple card history, and I only need a post-career NCAA issue commemorating his time in Kentucky.
Does a Garbage Pail Kid card featuring their version of a 2/14 baby qualify? Most certainly! While Torn Teller does count, its variation, Painful Penn, won't. My binders. My rules.
Joining that Seiple is another international variant of a Topps release, this time a 1979 Larry Milbourne from O-Pee-Chee. OPC wasn't doing the 00s=Superstar thing, as Milbourne was assigned to card #100 in this set. In contrast, Topps had Tom Seaver.
With all the Elite Extra Edition content I had previously acquired of Diaz, I might as  well add one of his Contenders cards as well. He's also in Bowman 2021, but I'm still without any licensed content of his. 
While any time is a  great time for me to post a Bills card, coming off a nationally-televised victory is an even better time. That's Terrific Bass! He had a perfectly fine game, nailing all his kicks going 5 for 5 in extra points, and a field goal in the win. 

6 new 2/14s! There you have it!


  1. That Larry Seiple is really, really, great!

  2. Didn't know about a Mexican Topps football set!