Tuesday 5 October 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 41.2 - Week of 20+1s - Hockey


Hockey's next!

You've seen the opener,  here's what next. The Tavares is from one of the National Hockey Card Day promotions. 1994 Donruss remains one of the worst designs in recent memory, with a difficult-to-read silver name on the front, and none on the back. And there's the obligatory 1990 Bowman. 
There may be a hit to come, but I doubt it will be anywhere close to as great as that Herb Carnegie card.  He probably would have broken the NHL's colour barrier if the Rangers had been willing to pay more than his Quebec senior team was. Either way, he's still a pioneer of the game, and the closest thing he'd have to appearing in a major release over his career. This card is great.
In any other repack, that card from the one-and-done Philadelphia Blazers would be the most interesting one in the repack. Not this time.
I really had to work for the hit here, as it was on the other side of the card on the back. As expected, it isn't as great as the Carnegie, but at least it is a colour that one generally doesn't associate with the Sharks, no matter how prominent that grey is in the photo.
And the card on the back. A CHL card, but he's still in the league, which is all you'd ask for from a recent one of these.

Anytime the advertised hit is the second best card in the pack, it is a great repack!


  1. I like how the swatch of fabric isn't just a boring square.

  2. Nice hit with the Marleau! Really good repack you got there!