Friday 29 October 2021

Battling Browns

Since Brown is a fairly common last name, I really shouldn't be too surprised if there's more than one person in the NFL Draft with it. In fact, there were 7 players with that surname that were drafted over the three days.  

One of them was Spencer Brown, who was the second guy named Brown picked in the draft, going in the third round. Notably for me and my PC, that was a pick by the Buffalo Bills, and this is the first card of his in my collection.
But, problematic for my collection is that there was a second Spencer Brown in this year's rookie class. This Spencer Brown was undrafted, but signing with the Carolina Panthers. That makes it somewhat of an annoyance when it comes to acquiring cards of the former, when cards of the latter seem to be more plentiful.

At least the second one is also a candidate for my penmanship binder. 

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