Thursday 28 October 2021

Blue Jays from Ann Arbor

Continuing through Dennis' mailer, here's the Blue Jays content!

Just a trio of Delgados in this, but I really like getting early career cards of his, especially ones where he's still sporting the catcher's gear. 
Here's a whole bunch more randomness before I get to the hits. 
And here we start the hits. I found a box of the 2019 Holiday packages on the shelves at Wally World way back then. Turns out that box lacked the hit. But, at least now I have a 2020 hit in the ol' binders.
It is always nice when a card with more than one relic window will at least have more than one type of relic - even if it is just a different colour jersey piece. 
So, while this is a nice looking card, especially with the Tom Cheek patch visible, the Bautista just feel like a  better card, despite licensing issues.
I have no memories of Ismael Ramirez with Toronto, but he never did reach the major leagues. Still, it is a blue parallel of his autograph, making it a perfect card for the collection.

Ah, my beloved Chronicles. Long may you continue to make appearances in my collection. 
Finally, a card from the earlier days of limited print runs. An unnumbered, but supposedly limited to 2000 copies, may not seem like much now, but this would have felt like a big deal coming out of a pack back in the day, especially when it goes into the team collection. 

Thanks for all these nice cards so far, and I still have some Mets stuff and some miscellany to get to!

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