Sunday 17 October 2021

The Unexpected

I'm going to be starting a new cubism basketball repack on Monday, but there was something in this one that deserved a post of its own. 

Generally in these, the location of the relic hit(s) is obvious, just look for the thicker card(s). But the type or set it is from isn't. But this time, there was one that defied those rules.
Since only a very specific group of hits have spines. 
Which contains eight relics for the price of one. 

The only problem is that because of this card, there were slightly fewer than 250 cards in the cube. I guess 'packs with a special insert may contain fewer cards' also applies to repacks.


  1. A booklet in a repack? Now I've seen it all!

  2. 6 white swatches. At least there were two different colours at the end.

  3. Wow! You wacky Canadians and your fancy relic booklets, congrats!