Wednesday, 25 August 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 35 - My Repack Has Fleas

Back to the flea market! And one of the repacks I get there. They're a brick worth of cards, mostly recent ones from mid-range sets, with a hit in the middle. All for $5!

I don't really go through the small stack of bricks, I just grab whichever one was on top. On top here was an insert set from a Canadian Tire exclusive release. Not quite a '93 Leaf vibe, but I guess the scenery is suitable for a Canada-themed insert.
And your first bunch. That Toews is a parallel out of 2018 ice. Steve Mason may only have played a partial season with the Rangers, but he still counts towards that alum binder. 

A little more Platinum here. The Getzlaf was a SP from the most recent OPC release. We then get some Leafs centennial cards. Even if it is a Leafs card, I won't complain about an Auston Mathews appearance. The Kirby Dach might be one of my favourite base card photos from the flagship release this year.
Here's the insert portion of the repack, with a pair of the always dull portraits cards from this year, and a Shooting Stars from 19-20. The left-wingers portion of the Shooting Stars set must not have been availale on e-packs, since there aren't hundreds of them at COMC. Gretzky appearance!
And your hit. At least it is game event dated.
Pretty Artifacts intensive as we move on. The 2013 design, as seen on the Wheeler et al., with its old book cover look, has aged quite nicely. 
While any of the Trilogy (and Fleer Showcase) releases that overused the gold backgrounds, really has not. 
There's some really good star power to start this one off with Ovie and Auston. I haven't bought much (any) Parkhurst this year, so I won't complain about adding any of these. I will complain  thatthe font used for the player name is smaller than the one used with the set name. At least with the Griess,  there's a full bleed photo to go with the tiny font and not a large frame.
More of the Parkhurst (but there's a new Landeskog for the Rangers alum collection), and then we get some Ice to end the portion of the hidden cards, highlighted by that Kopitar sporting the silver alternates. 
Start with a Subban - end with a Subban! Perfect repack Synchronicity! 

There you have it!

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  1. I’d be pretty happy with all of that for five bucks!