Monday 2 August 2021

Allota Alfie

 More COMC package goodness today, with the Daniel Alfredsson content.

Box toppers are always pains to store, but I still keep adding them to my collection. That rinkside fan sure seems excited to have front row seats for the Sens visiting. 
Holograms! While 'Great' is subjective, all 4 of these guys had respectable careers. Yachmenev is probably the least familiar of this grouping, and he still spent almost 500 games in the NHL.
Vintage! It is like Heritage, but it isn't!

And I'll show the back as well. Especially when there's a cartoon of sorts on it.
I guess I might as well include at least one of his Red Wings cards. This is actually the final base card I needed to complete the collection of his Detroit-era base cards. 
A hit!
And the rest of 'em! 

If my tcdb list can be believed, this puts my total at 542 Alfie cards, still far in the lead over there. 

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  1. 1997-98 Pinnacle Beehive were actually distributed in packs... and weren't box toppers. It was just an oversized set. Pinnacle was all about the oversized cards in 1997 as they also released the Dare to Tear (5x7) Zenith cards that year.