Wednesday 11 August 2021

2/14 Hockey

As the 2/14 collection closes in on the 3100 mark, here's the hockey portion of the latest COMC mailer.

While there was a nice bunch of epack stuff in the Senators newness, not as much so here. But there is this color wheel of Ehlers to give it some content.
As well as this Tom Pyatt that would fit perfectly into either collection. 

Milan Hejduk maintains the overall lead with 253 cards total as part of the 3100ish. While I like the colourful design on the Playmakers insert, shouldn't the photo of him at least show him making a play, instead of just a rather generic skating photo.
Matt Campanale! 2 cards. 1 NHL game. Still 1 more than I!
Sean Hill's content sees representation in both a regular and update version of his 1994 Parkhurst appearances. The Sens one is the update. 
Speaking of Senators content, here's some hit content for that. Both Matts in this post are of the one-game only variety, but only this one would get autos and relics. The first two Ultimate entries were more that were cheap because they were on epacks.
But here's your big winner in terms of volume, with Boris Valabik jumping to 18 cards total based on these 6. He's also a Kitchener Rangers alum, so if I do accidentally grab a dupe, I've got a second home for his cards ready. I really like that there's two colours on the SPX relic card, especially since red really wasn't the most common colour to find on a Thrashers card. 

There you have it!


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