Friday 6 August 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 32.4 - A Baseball Hanger

Wrapping it up!

A Heritage opener!
And I might as well be consistent and show the cartoons on the back here as well.
1989 Topps might be all over repacks, but if it provides me with a Tony Gwynn card, I'll overlook it. Also, does a batting cage bunt photo truly count as a bunting bard? Yes. Yes, it does.
More O-Pee-Chee! I assume Gilkey is just putting on or removing his helmet, and not doing a tip during a road came. I love photos of knuckleball pitchers with a nice look at the grip. 
All repacks much end, and this is an interesting grouping. Not one, but two alternate uniforms show up in this! Throwbacks > Alternates. An Extra Edition card of someone who actually reached the majors? OK by me.  The Stadium Club makes good use of a horizontal format. Kershaw is a fine choice for the final card. 

Another fun grouping of baseball randomness!


  1. I like those junk wax Fleer cards where they put two random players together

  2. Always nice to pull a Gwynn card from his playing years out of a repack.

  3. Gwynn wins it.

    Kershaw, Rickey, Morris, and Hough make for a nice repack.

  4. Definitely a fun looking repack!