Saturday 21 August 2021

She'll Send Them Cheesy Movies!

The worst she can find!

While it might not be one of the official MST3K autographs from the RRParks releases, this still counts as part of my MST3K auto collection, and is my first autograph from one of the Mads. Does Kinga count as a mad? She's probably the sanest Forrester, but continuing on her father's concept probably does make her mad enough to count. This joins my Joel, Jim and Bill autos from the official releases.

Let's throw in an auto of one of the stars of two of those cheesy movies Kinga sent to Jonah and the bots. While this is a James Bond auto, probably a little cheaper than expected courtesy of epacks, she can be seen in a pair of Season 11 episodes, At the Earth's Core and Starcrash. She joins Brigid Brannagh and Joe Don Baker in that small collection. I've got a Richard Kiel on the way.

There you have it!


  1. You’re the second person to post about Felicia Day today.

    1. Was thinking the same thing. Not complaining though... because the blogosphere can always use more Felicia Day posts.

  2. I've got a relic of Felicia's from A&G available