Tuesday 31 August 2021


 The first of several incoming envelopes gets recapped today, with a trio of PWEs from Kerry from Cards on Card being the opener.

Even though this isn't a licensed card, that's definitely a Raptors jersey on the card. Even if it was a more non-descript jersey, I'd still call it a Raptors card. Any opportunity to add some Vince Carter to the binder must be taken.
Here's a couple more obvious Raptors cards. Looks like it is Pascal's team now!
This isn't a Heritage, but a '52 Redux. I've bought a grand total of zero Heritage this year, so even some faux-Heritage is welcome. 
There was a really nice mix of Jays stuff in the rest of the envelopes. The Best rookie of Halladay is the book value winner, but some new Delgado stuff is nice, and that Orlando Hudson which features a pretty nice view of the stadium in Oakland towering in the background is really unique, and might be my favourite of that content solely based on the photo.
The Mets portion brought my first actual '21 Heritage into the collection. Still, Heroes might win this battle as well with the Nolan Ryan and photo perfectly framed by the design.

There was an auto as well! Who could forget Jed's 9 games with the Mets? I'm not sure what is the record for the fewest games with a team and getting an on-card auto of them (not counting rookies and prospects), but this has to be a contender. And the concept of this being in my collection...

is f'n amazing! Obscurity rules! 

Thanks for the goodies, Kerry! 


  1. The DeGrom '72 Heritage wins it.

  2. That Sport Kings VC is sweet!

  3. I definitely had no idea Jed Lowrie ever played for the Mets when that card happened to fall into my lap.