Thursday 31 July 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 42 - Pick 6!

Another 6 cards pulled out in the order they were in the box.
This continues a theme that took place frequently with the challenges. See a card with a great photo, then add it to my watch list, and then add it to my inventory at the first opportunity. It is a little hard to pass on a perfect play at the plate shot from an angle you don't see enough of on cards.
I'm not sure what Frank Thomas is holding here. But it does make for an interesting mini.
I'm not sure which blog first showed one of these Wave of the Future cards, but it reached the status of must have immediately after seeing them. I didn't really have a close attachment to any of the players in the set, so I just grabbed the cheapest of the bunch.
New 2/14 binder card! I guess I didn't catch all of them when I made my first go through of the box looking for 2/14 guys. It is my 17th Saito card, moving him into a tie with Derek Norris for 2nd overall.
And to wrap it up, a pair of Charlie Hough. The first an always-coveted (for me, at least) Diamond King, and then a card with a great view of the knuckleball grip. I'm of the belief that every baseball card that features a knuckleball thrower should feature that grip on the card. Every one. No exceptions. Even base cards in high end, hit-oriented products.

6 more down. Assuming typical mail quality in terms of shipping time, I might actually finish the cards in this box before the next orders arrive.

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  1. Frank is holding rebar - a solid iron rod used to reinforce concrete.