Sunday 20 July 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 39: Misc vintage

When you still have a couple bucks left on the account at the time, why not plug a year from the 50s into the search engine at COMC, then search by lowest price and grab a few random vintage cards. These cards are all my first ones from their respective years.
First up, a somewhat well-known card through the blogosphere. Some might love this due to the massive unibrow, but I'm equally in love with the classic Orioles logo on the card.
And of course, you've also got fun cartoons on the back of this card, and the factoid of the Noodles nickname.
Working backwards chronologically through these 3 cards, here's a 1955 Bowman card. I love anything with a wood-grain border, especially when they have the TV theme.
And finally, a vintage Washington Senators card from 1954 wraps this little bit of vintage fun up. This is my oldest card for that team, and my 6th vintage one overall (7 if you count a Paul Casanova buyback from a pack of this year's flagship).

Each card isn't exactly mint, but isn't exactly in dire condition either. And neither one set me back more than 55 cents of credit.

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