Monday 14 July 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 38.1 10 basketball packs

Time for yet another repack. This time, a basketball one with 10 packs awaiting me.

Said 10 packs were:

2 packs 1990 Fleer
1 pack 1990 Skybox
1 pack of 08-09 First Edition
1 pack 09-10 First Edition
2 packs 09-10 Aderenalyn
1 regular pack of 09-10 Prestige
1 rack pack of 09-10 Prestige
1 rack pack 0f 10-11 Classics

I'll group the 1990 stuff and the Prestige together for the first post, throw in one of the Adrenalyns and hit the rest tomorrow.

Now, I suppose I could post the contents of the 1990 stuff, but I really don't feel like typing Shawn Kemp and Glen Rice three times, since the top-notch collation of the early 90s resulted in the two Fleer packs being practically identical. Best card of the junk wax bunch?
A sweet Clyde the Glide from Skybox. There may be several million of these out there, but it is a nice looking card with the Skybox design, even though he appears to be soaring as opposed to gliding. Hey. It is junk wax era cards - take what you can get.

Now, something a little less common with the 09-10 Prestige.

Only 5 cards in the standard pack. I can't complain too much about that when I get a Celtic (my pre-Raptors favourite team) and Bill Walton rocking spectacular facial hair.
Now digging into the rack pack, things were much better to start. So much awesome here. A rookie of DeRozan might seem to be the highlight for a Raptors. It is, but it is closer than you'd think. Firstly, we've got a card of a guy named Slick. Slick. He ain't no Jive Soul Bro. Seriously, it is always nice to pull a retired player who doesn't get that many appearances. Also of interest - B.J. Mullens. He now ties Tyus Edney for third overall in terms of 2/14 basketball guys, far behind Muresan and Hamilton.
And the second part of the pack. The McGrady is numbered to /300. More legend love here with Cousy and Robertson as well.
Ande your typical blah pack of Adrenayn. At least one of the cards was shiny.

Part 2 tomorrow, depending on what comes in the mail. There's two packages I'm waiting on.

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