Friday 18 July 2014

Another TMM/TMV trade - Part 1

Yup. Another pile of Wolverines/Tigers went Michigan-ward, and the goodie bubble envelope returned this week. Among the stuff was a complete Update set from 2000 Tradition as part of his cleanup giveaway. But, I'll focus more on the cards that I wasn't expecting (along with saving some for a rare masked Monday).
Opening up, a vintage card that dropped off my Top 10 list. as you might have guessed, Dobie Craig is on his way into my 2/14 binder. I also love that the card features a position you haven't seen on football cards in ages - the flanker. This might also be my first card featuring that designation.
The only other 2-14 card in this package was an on-card/manurelic auto of Richard Hamilton. It is nice to finally start to add autos of Richard Hamilton to my collection. This is my second auto of his for my collection, with my third on the way.
And here's someone making his debut in the hits portion of my CanCon collection. Getting both a relic and an autograph on the same card.
And to wrap up the hit portion of this, a beautiful Blue Jays patch from Shannon Stewart. Surprisingly, this thick three colour patch is /300. I won't complain about that since it is a beautiful addition to my Jays collection.

And to wrap this up, goodies for my team collections:
One lonely Raptors card. But, it takes me back to the original uniforms and home games at the Skydome. And one Raptors card is still better than zero.
And these two for my Marlins team collection. OK. It's just two of my favourite players who happened to be Marlins at the time. This is actually my first Piazza Marlins card, kinda surprising for someone like me that likes the odder cards of my favourite players.
Only three Blue Jays base cards in the package.
Here's the Bills content. There's a pair of inserts from 2013 Topps I'd been looking for, as well as a /299 shiny parallel of Chris Gragg.
And to wrap things up for this post, the Mets content. There's another orange parallel in this one, but this is /250 of for Matthew Bowman. But, I'm most excited about the card of Gary Sheffield. Much like with Piazza and the Marlins, this is my first card of his as a Met.

Thanks for part 1 of the trade, Dennis! I've got at least two more posts to come out of the deal as well.

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