Thursday 24 July 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 41.2: It was new to me!

Time to dig into the highlights from the rest of the repack.
I did mention that I did hit the one in four repack hit, so here you see it. It wasn't a memorabilia card but an auto, and nicely enough, an auto of someone who is still active. Jason does appear to have a couple autos out there, but this looks to be the only one with him on the Rockies. If that seems like I'm trying to make this card more interesting than it actually is, you're right. Still, a hit is a hit.
How'd I do when it came to cards for my teams? Well, here are the Mets.
Some Expos.
And some Blue Jays. The minor league card still counts. It says Toronto on the card back, that's close enough. But, when you count the Tony Fernandez I posted this morning, they're the winners for this in terms of team contents.
But there was also this future Blue Jay among the cards. And while I usually claim that this card isn't really as miscut as the scan makes it appear, but in this case it really was.
From the category of interesting repack collation, there were three straight Texas Rangers cards from the same set. Bob Brower also appears to be about 15 years old.
Not as interesting, but still interesting was that I pulled cards of the Pujols cousins. These two weren't together in the pack. They weren't even in the same side of the repack.
It doesn't matter if the pack advertises that there will be vintage content or not, there always seem to be a couple 70s cards in there.
And to wrap things up, a trio of singles. Here's photo documentation of a sad moment during a Red Sox trip to Milwaukee, where Mo Vaughn had to suffer with a tragic allergy to sleeves.
I wonder if I'll react the same in a few years when I pull the 2010 A&G Revolving Door card from a repack. In the sense that I'll think it an awesome card.
And to modern card designers, take a note that Pacific was able to use three different photos on this card, and that's not counting a fourth photo on the back. If a company that put out some of the louder cards of the 90s can use 4 different photos, there's no need to use the same one multiple times on the same card.

So, that wraps this repack up. I guess, as a whole, not too different from the others. Still, 100 cards of fun.

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