Saturday 5 July 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 32: Language fun

This was yet another card that came up when I was going through the challenges, and I immediately added it to my watch list, and then to my inventory.
This card of a player that never got above AA seems normal enough at first. But this card is a Bowman International card from 1999. That means that the card back will have the text in the language of the player's country of birth.

So, what nation do we have here?
This should be interesting. On the surface, I'd expect this card's back to be in French. It is the official language, and since he moved to Quebec as a youngster, it would make sense in that category as well.

But this is the back:
That's not French. As best as my googling can tell me, the back of the card is written in Lingala. I can't imagine there are many trading cards out there with that unique feature. At least in this hemisphere.

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