Thursday, 15 August 2013

Whaddayamean no Ginter? - Part 1

I made a trip to the LCS on Monday. I know I needed a 500 ct box for a parcel I'm sending off to Scott Crawford on Cards. I was in a slightly higher end busting mood, so I planned to grab a pack or 3 of A&G.

Looking around at the open boxes on the counter I came to the disturbing realization that Ginter hadn't arrived yet. Whimper.

But I still want to bust something!

So, to console myself, I decided to pick up something else. I'm too close to finishing Score to buy any packs of theirs. I'm not touching OPC except for singles. Series 2 was pretty much done, and I'm close enough to Archives to stay away from it. So, what to do?

Howzabout 3 packs of Platinum and a pack of Goodwin Champions? A bit of higher end stuff. A bit of quirky.

I'll start with the quirky, and my favourite card of the 4 packs, despite a hit from the Bowman.
Mini Bruce Smith parallel! Yes! Bruce Smith might be my favourite player from those Bills teams of the 90s. YES! It's always nice to have an absolute no doubt keeper fall out of the pack as you open it. I'm guessing this photo can be traced to one of his Pro Bowl appearances.
And here's the rest. Even though he's gone from Boston now, the Pierce is my favourite of this grouping, despite the quirkiness of Suzy's card. If I followed golf with any level of interest, the Tiger would be the best one in this non-mini group, but I don't, so it's down the ladder. At least Pete Rose is in a baseball uniform this time, unlike last year.

I'm happy enough with this pack break. No hit, but the cards were good enough.

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