Friday, 30 August 2013

Repack-o-rama! Day 2!

And I continue to celebrate my one year blogoversary with more repack fun. I'd actually picked up two repack items from Target. One was a 100 card rack pack, the other was a 25 cards/2 packs/100+ card cube pack. The former was almost entirely junk wax era cards, including many dupes. 3 total cards in the pack from 1995 or later. While there were a couple interesting ones in there, I don't think I'll be trying another one of those.

The other was much better, and made up for the horribleness of the rack pack. 25 cards, and the two packs were 10-11 Victory and 09-10 UD Series 2. The chance at a Young Gun, and one wanted card among the others led me to choose this particular cube.

What did I find? Here's my top 10, chronologically.
1991-92 Ultimate Draft Kerry Toporowski. I've always wanted a card where the photograph is from behind and the player is mounting another. This picture may rival some of those Fabulous Ones photos/videos from the early 80s in terms of unintentional gayness.
1999-00 Crown Royale Card-Supial - Paul Kariya. Cardsupial? That might be the cheesiest name for a card set (subset?) ever. How could I not want this one more than life itself?

2006-07 Ultra Martin Biron, Mask binder card. One of three in this repackage, and 2 in my top 10.
Hey! That's a pretty good rookie card to pull. It came from the 09-10 Upper Deck pack, and wasn't even the best in the bunch.
This one was. There's a pretty good collection of YG in Series 2, ranging from Logan Couture to MacGregor Sharp. This one is closer to the former than the latter. The rest of the pack were pretty much commons. I think that Rob Niedermayer might have been the best of the lot.
Gold parallels fall at about one per box, so I guess it is as close one can get to a hit from the victory pack.
Along with a Jonathan Quick, this pack contained two mask binder cards. I liked this one a little more, so it made the top 10.
WOO-HOO! A new Gaborik for the 2/14 binder! While the UD pack may have had better card in terms of cash value, the victory one went 4 for 6 in terms of keepers that will find their way into binders. That's a killer ratio any day.
2011-12 Victory - Stars of the Game insert Sidney Crosby. It's always nice to pull a card of a marquee player, especially an insert.
2011 Upper Deck National Convention VIP #5 - Bobby Orr. And this visible card was the other reason I picked up this particular repack. It doesn't matter what the era is, you can never go wrong with a card of Bobby Orr.

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  1. The more I see those Ultimate Draft cards, the more I can't figure out why they never caught on. :)

    The photography in that set is soooo bad. I think a 10 year old with a disk camera took them all.