Saturday 31 August 2013

Repack-o-rama! Day 3!

My blog-o-versary has come and gone, but I'll keep up with repack fun throughout the long weekend.

Today, one of those 4 packs, 50 cards, and a bonus item repacks.

For those of you anxious to see what the bonus was, here you are! It just fell out of the package. I admit that I had no clue what this was from. COMC didn't help, but zistle did list a 1976 Hostess set where the numbering scheme matched this card. So, my bonus was a card from 1976 that appears to be half covered in the remnants from a twinkie.


This card rules!

It's one I never would have even bothered to seek out. One that I would easily pass if it showed up at a show/shop. But here, it is a certain candidate for my misc binder.

Repacks are a bizarre love.

As for the packs, they were 2012 S1, 08 UD First Edition Update, 2011 Chrome and 08 Spectrum. For as much as I loved the Scott card, I was completely bored by the packs.
I guess this card for my CanCon collection was my favourite.

Off to the box of 50 misc. cards. As expected, the book value of the cards wouldn't blow anybody away, but the fun factor was far more important. Sure, there was junk wax, but not that much from the same set. While that hockey repack I opened yesterday was about 75 percent either 1990 Bowman or Score, the most here was 6. 6 from 1989 Topps and 6 from 2010 Topps.

This was my favourite from the repacked cards. Nope, the scan isn't bad. It's just heavily raining in whichever city this game was taking place. That's certainly an atmosphere you don't see a lot of in cards. And no, some of the recent cards where it is raining Gatorade don't qualify.
I'll never tire of cards where the player is laying down a bunt.
And another new card for the CanCon collection. I'm highlighting 1988 Topps cards. And I love it!
This was the oldest card among the 50. The hair. The uniform. Everything about this card just screams early 80s. The hair. The uniform. I'm sure Lipps Inc. was playing in the background when this photo was taken.
Hey! A numbered card! I just wish I had some sort of idea as to who Billy Sylvester was. He doesn't appear to have made an appearance in the bigs.
How'd this get in there?!
I don't care what year the card comes from - I love pulling a Diamond King card.
Ditto for minor league cards.
And finally, let's jump to one of the newest cards in the repack portion, and a what might be a publicity still from the remake of the Rosey Grier/Ray Milland classic "The Thing With Two Heads".


  1. '70s Hostess card out of a repack? Whaaaaaaaaaa?

    That's the best repack of all-time right there.

    (And yes, I definitely do seek out Hostess cards).

  2. I second Night Owl's comments.

    Greatest. Repack. Ever.

  3. As soon as I saw the word "repack" and the picture of the Hostess card, I knew none of my repack posts could ever compete.

  4. Holy Dollar Store! That is one gloriously Twinkie-stained piece of cardboard.

    Damn, now I want to run out and buy a repack...

  5. That Mariano bunt card is the very first card in my bunting binder.