Sunday, 11 August 2013

Catching Up - Part 3 - Mailbag Part 2

This time, Sportlots stuff.

For someone with a long career, and over 750 cards to his name, there aren't a whole lot of Daniel Alfredsson autographed cards out there. The ones available at COMC barely breaks double digits. So, for less than $3.00, I finally added my first Alfie autograph to my collection.
And it is about time.

And since one good Alfie card deserves 10 more, I also added these to my collection.
And how about 9 new Senators for my Frankenset.
The Falloon one is kinda disappointing, as he's in a Sens uniform, but listed as an Oiler. He joins Matt Cullen and Cory Stillman in that it doesn't appear there are cards where they are both pictured and listed as a Senator. Denny Lambert has the same problem. He's a Predator here. But I do have an Enforcers card where the swatch comes from an Ottawa game. So there's that. Igor Kravchuk is the gold parallel. When the parallel costs the same as the base, you might as well go for the more exotic variant.
And to wrap it up, I had to add in a couple new 2/14 binder cards. A retro throwback of Eric Nystrom.
And Milan Hejduk looking like a walking billboard.

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