Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday morning repack fun

A hanger of card from Dollarama. My favourite cheap drug.

2008 SPX Chris Phillips
2007 UD Manny Fernandez - The two visible cards. One for the Sens collection and one for the masks binder. Perfect!
1990 Bowman Paul Fenton - Naturally.
1998 UD Tomas Holmstrom - I haven't seen too many of cards from this set in these repacks.
1991 UD Rick Tabaracci
1990 Pro Set Mark Osborne - 3 Jets in 4 cards.
1989 7th Inning Sketch - Rick Corriveau
1989 7th Inning Sketch - Scott McKay - Back to back cards from the same team and the same set. Rick was drafted by St. Louis, and later Washington, but never played a game in the NHL. Scott McKay did play one NHL game with the Ducks in 1993-94.
1994 UD Vladislav Boulin
1990 OPC John Druce
2001 Parkhurst Doug Gilmour - He had a lot of short-term stops as his career wound down. Chicago. Buffalo. Montreal.
1991 UD Craig Muni
1990 Pro Set Andrew Cassels
2008 Heroes + Prospects Kyle Okposo - This one annoyed me. I'd just sent a 500 ct box to Scott Crawford on Cards, with some nice Okposo goodness contained within. Then, a few days later, this one falls out the repack. Argh.
2009 OPC Teppo Numminen - A final card for a veteran.
1990 Score Hall of Famer - Fern Flaman - For the counting impaired, that's a 16th card in a repack that should only have had 15. Yay?

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