Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Catching Up - Part 6 - Mailbag Part 3

Now, time for a zistle mailbag and a trade w/ hpennington22.
Due to incompetence on my part, this card was missing when I thought I'd accumulated all the cards from Series 2. That's done now, and all that's left is to wait for Update.
Off to another addition to my Jays Frankenset. I wasn't planning on including Draft Pick and Bowman prospect-y cards, but if I get a chance to put one into the ol' collation box, I'm not passing on the chance. Jeremy never got beyond AA.
I had the regular Bowman of 2/14 member Paul Clemens - time to add the Chrome. Now, hopefully he get a rookie card in Update.
A nice addition to the Mets folder. It might be blasphemy for a Mets fan, but I also consider him to be a Phillie. But, that's only for MST3K, and TV's Frank's killer impression of Tug McGraw during Angel's Revenge.

Dr. F.: “Frank, show 'em your Tug McGraw.”
Frank: “I'm Tug McGraw.”

This will be among 3 new cards going into the Vlad Guerrero binder.
And another card for the Jays Frankenset in progress - a parallel of Tony. This is from his second of four runs with the team.
And three new additions to my Joe Carter binder. I'm happiest about the San Fran card of Carter. It's my first one of his as a Giant.
And a nice variety of Mets to wrap things up. I think it's my first Nomo in a Mets uniform, so that's nice.

Always great to get an envelope filled with needs. Thanks!

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