Thursday, 1 August 2013

Can't have Too Many Trades w/ Too Many Manninghams - Pt. 2

Another case of "what's in your COMC cart" resulted in some surprises and some expected cards.
I forgot where I saw this one, but I knew I had to have it when I first saw it. I'm dog people, and really don't have enough cards with canines on them.
I also had a couple of new members of the 2/14 club in there, discovered after combining a search for that date, and a search of the hockey database. This is Peter's only card that wasn't part of an individual team set.
Maxim Yakutsenya has played exclusively in Russia. And the logo for Chelyabinsk Traktor remains the greatest in hockey. A jersey is high on my wantlist, but the online sellers seem a smidge sketchy to trust with my credit card #.

For another PC of mine - Kitchener Rangers alumni. It's my first hit and second card overall of Lashoff. He played a handful of games with the Bruins, Leafs and Lightning, but only has NHL cards from his rookie appearances with Boston.
While the Lashoff wasn't in my COMC box, this Ricky Romero card was. The only good thing about his implosion over the past year or so, is that his hits have dropped greatly in price. I feel like I'm Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin hoping that he'll find his old form.
This was the final COMC cart content. Scott Diamond falls into the category of Canadians in MLB. he's from just down the road from me in Guelph. Great signature, too! It may not be the most legible, but the usage of the diamond in his Diamond is certainly creative.
On to the relics, neither of which was a jersey. This mask bind certainty contains a swatch(?), piece(?), from Jose Theodore's goalie pads. It wasn't the cleanest portion either, as there's some unknown stain near the front of the mask cut-out.
And when this beauty came out of the bubble envelope, I was stunned. Awesome! A piece of Vlad glove! Hell yeah! Don't concern oneself with the glare on it - it's from the penny sleeve. And for a special bonus, Vladimir is rocking the home Expos pinstripes. It's a perfect card!

Thanks for the goodies! I'll remain on the lookout for Wolverines alumni hits in the boxes I come across.

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