Saturday, 10 August 2013

Catching Up - Part 1 - Mailbag Part 1

Spending time working my way through all the cards in that jumbo box was a smidge tiresome. Worse, it allowed me to become a smidge back-logged on the incoming cards. Trades. Sportlots. Repacks. Everything.

So, I'll spend the next while getting caught up on all of that sorta stuff.

So, to open up, here's some stuff that came from Mark @ This Way to the Clubhouse. I raided my Mets binder and sent off some cards for his Mets Frankenset. Here's what came in the return envelope.

Lots and lots of Buffalo Bills! This one of Glenn Parker might be my favourite, mainly because I really miss seeing cards of guys who play on the OL. Unless you're a rookie, a tackle card probably won't make it to many sets. Gotta get your 6 Andrew Luck cards in with the subsets. But I'm not bitter. Nope. Not one bid.

And here's a sampling of other Bills from the early 90s. It's depressing when you have to go that far back to find positive memories about a team.
Lonnie's another Bills alum - but even more importantly for me, he's also a 2/14 binder guy. Depressingly, only my second card for Lonnie, even though he doesn't have too many.
Although now the Jim Kelly numbers for the binder stands at 20 with the addition of these 3. He's got a 7 card lead over David Garrard.
And with these cards, another player that I really should get more cards of moves into a tie with Jeff Graham for 8 cards apiece.

More goodies?
A few new Vlads, of which this was my favourite. I'm not too big a fan of the background being partially erased, but it works with the Astroturf backgroujnd.
In addition, here are two new chaps for the Blue Jays frankenset I'm working on. Perkins (who'd also qualify for my Canadians binder) never made the bigs. Smith pitched in 14 games for Toronto, and 1 game for the Twins. He still earned a card from his time with the Twins.
And to wrap up things, here's one of 4 cards on my way to the CanCon binder.

Thanks for the trade, Mark! I'm glad you liked the Mets I sent your way.

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