Thursday, 22 August 2013

Basketball Repack Fun! - Part 3

I've done the pack portion of the repack purchase. Now, off to one of those 100 card hanging packs.

I actually did hit on the 1 in 4 jersey card odds this time. Mind you, it isn't a household name, but it is still a nice looking card. It's even numbered /499. I could definitely do worse, since at least this guy is still in the league.
Bonus! A new Tyus Edney foy my 2/14 binder as well. I'm probably the only person on the planet that pulls a Tyus Edney card, and gets more excited for it than I do for a hit.
Also in the pack was this nifty hologram insert. And as a bonus, it is from the Italian release and has a bilingual back.
One of the better, or should I say, more interesting names in basketball. My favourite Doble-A card of someone not named Arn Anderson.
There always seems to be one from this set in one of these repacks. This was the oldest card, and I definitely like it for the old San Diego uniforms.
Hall of Famers? 5 of them on solo cards. I completely blanked out on Jerry Sloan when scanning these. I'm not sure if the goggled James Worthy or the dark-haired Phil Jackson is my favourite from this grouping.
Here are probably the least flattering cards in the pack. That's a horrible photo for Strickland, and one of my least favourite uniforms on the Wilkins.
Does a WNBA card count as an oddball?
How'd I do for my favourite teams? Considering that there can be a lot of junk wax era stuff in these, a pair of cards from a team that didn't exist in that era is better than can be expected.
Considering that, finding only 2 Celtics cards was surprising. Reggie Lewis is another guy that, when I come across his cards, can still be a downer.
Here's the 5 promised rookie cards, and I'm just calling them such because they were grouped together. I wouldn't have minded to find the Okafor at the time. Podkolzin only played 6 games in the NBA. Acie and Rudy are playing in Europe now, but Rudy's card in #'d to 2008.

Again, lots of fun thumbing through these cards.

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