Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Trade w/ 2*3 Heroes

In the process of busting my box of Score Jumbo, I can across a SP'd red-back of Brian Bickell of the Blackhawks. Interest was expressed, and a small trade ensued. I sent the Bickell and a small array of Blackhawks stateside. This is what came my way.
This was the one I was most interested in. My first card of EJ Manuel, who I'm hoping will lead the Bills to respectability this season, if not the playoffs. Considering recent Bills QBs, I'll settle for "performs better than JP Losman or Trent Edwards".
There were a trio of set builders for Archives. which I've already filed away in my set building box before getting to the scanning. RA Dickey does knock my wants for Blue Jays from the minis down to only Bautista and Rasmus.
Despite busting more than a couple jumbo and rack packs of Score hockey, I didn't pull a single parallel from the Senators. I guess with his being in Dallas now, I still haven't, but this was still a nice addition.

I'd recently divided my masks binder into two. One being cards featuring photos from before the season ending lockout, and one for after. The former was the barer of the two, but this mailing filled up some pages.
I've already gone off to add the rest of the mask friendly cards from this set to my zistle wantlist. I love the Tim Cheveldae, as we get both his Wings mask and his then-current Jets one on the same card.
And here's a sampling from the post-lockout cards. I really like the Nabokov, since you can see the Jawsesque shark on his chin.

Thanks for the trade!


  1. I thought the same thing on that Cheveldae card. Wearing a Dead Wings mask with a Jets uniform on. There is NO WAY a team would let a guy do that today.

    1. Actually, in this year's sets, Ben Bishop's appearances show him in his old Ottawa mask, despite the Tampa uniform. The score base, the OPC base, and the Tampa Leaders in Score.