Sunday 26 November 2023


 It is cheaper in the long run to have redemptions sent to my COMC account, especially since Panini started using FedEx and putting the book value of them on the shipment. Free shipping isn't when customs is involved.

So, here's a pair that showed up in my latest mailer from them.

Both are out of Chronicles, and this one was about two years in the making until arrival. The White Sox spot in 2021 was very Yermin Mercedes intensive, I used a group break to add some cards of his to my 2/14 collection, while also getting whatever else to go alongside it. It was a good break for getting on-card autographs from the Origins set for me. As nice as that super-colourful Stiever was, this just looks like such a classy entry. It feels just wrong to jailbreak this from its container.
Speaking of jail...

At least this was a random group break and not an individual purchase.

Next time I'm just selling the redemption and running.

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  1. Yikes. I am so glad I immediately sold the one expensive Wander Franco card that I pulled that year. (It was a Heritage chrome green refractor.)