Wednesday 8 November 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 31: Repacks in the News

 This might be the first time I've seen a Presstine repack on the news!

Hopefully, the last as well.

Here's one that wasn't used by some Predator that got Caught.
Your contents! Will there be a card worthy of that snapholder?
And that's a really solid start with the Hall of Famer pack (clockwise from top left, as I do with these). Even better - no junk wax era stuff. That's a pleasant surprise as well. My only complaint is that the chroming of the background on the Ripken makes it hard to see the countdown on the warehouse behind Cal. 
A Blue Jay! Woo-hoo! I love the collation making it so two future teammates with the Rockies are combined in here. I didn't realize that Burks was a 300HR man, but he more than passed it with 352 over his career. Significant time with the Rockies probably helped quite a bit, though.
Another team hit in the 2000s pack with that Mets card! I would complain that Nomo card is a 1998, thus defeating the name of this, but it is a pretty great photo, so I'll overlook that. And everything else is from the named decade.
Finally the Premium pack. Tyrell Jenkins doesn't continue the great penmanship from the facsimile signature on his actual autos. Boo. 11-12 Just Spotlights seems to be such an obscure set,  it doesn't even exist at tcdb. Singleton would probably have been a good pull when that set was first released. And the big one here is that JB Bukauskas is the big one here, limited to just 50 copies. Still in the league, too!

There you have it!

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