Saturday 25 November 2023

2023 Adventures in Repacks - Part 32: Nothin' But Some Hits

 Back to my repack box, and it is another three hit repack. While these generally provide 2 relics and auto, this one mixed things up with 1 relic and 2 autos.

Only one relic, and its a pretty interesting one. A pro-bowl swatch, and of a player without a lot of cards and a position that gets little hobby love. I'm probably the only person that is happy about such a hit - and it is probably more interesting, at least to me, than either of the autos.
Maybe they decided to not consider this to be an auto since the penmanship is so questionable. But at least I can recognize the Js. Or what are supposed to be a couple Js. Maybe he thought he'd be wearing #77 and signed that.
And autograph #2! It might be only his initials, but at least the initials are identifiable as actual letters, and  the jersey number is identifiable as such as well. Even with the abbreviation, he makes nice use of the sticker space as well. If you're not going to spell out your full name, at least do this.

Nothing major, and the best of the hits may have been the relic, but there you have it!

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