Friday 10 November 2023

What's Left?

 And now, to bring the Michigan Mailers to a close, here's everything that didn't quite fit into any other post,

While I have done a Bills post, this one didn't fit in because it wasn't in the original mailer. In fact, this only showed up a couple days ago via PWE. This actually completes the Josh Allen Spellbound portion of this Elite insert set. I'd landed the first and last letters in a group break, the next two via COMC, but couldn't get my hands on the final one until the PWE showed up! 

Now, do I keep them together in toploaders in a team bag? Or do I do like I did with the Brandon Sutter manu-nameplate autos and shell out for a display frame? Decisions, decisions!
This one puzzled me at first. He's not a 2/14 baby. Maybe it is because he went to the University of Minnesota and got to be an extra in Crow's screenplay. Then I noted the penmanship is pretty legible - PENMANSHIP BINDER! 
Random Expo!
Random bigger Expos!
Random biggest Expo!
Cancon was the most significant number among the miscellaneous portion, buoyed by numbered items from the still-bizarre Moments & Milestones. 
Those larger cards also applied to mask binder cards. Fortunately, these, like all the other oversized cards, came with an appropriate binder page.

To bring the mailer(s) to an end, I'll show off the best item in mailer - some literature.
OK, the content might not be the most verbose.
But what a picture the inside makes!

A few years back, UD stopped including printing plates for their flagship base cards in the product, and moved them into The Cup, their super-mega-high-end release. And doing them in the format of a booklet that combines all 4 of the plates in a single booklet. It is definitely one of their best idea in recent memory. 

Sure, Erik Gudbranson only spent a few dozen games with the Senators, but what a way to commemorate them! 

Thanks for all these goodies, and I'll certainly be on the lookout later today at the Expo for some goodies to send your way!

There you have it! 

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  1. I was excited to get that last Allen letter to you, and I'm glad you figured out the penmanship aspect of the Russell!