Tuesday 21 November 2023

Expo 2/14s

 The other theme of my acquisitions at the Expo were taking a chance to add to the 2/14 collection, and they received a bunch of newness.

Such as this Milan Hejduk, which is from a day when shiny cards were base cards and they didn't scan horribly. 

Even if it was from a quarter box, I'm not sure which guy I was more surprised to see a parallel of - Calle Johansson or Sean Hill. Calle is an Emerald parallel from 1995, with Hill being a Stanley Cup Super Team parallel from one year prior. 
The best thing about all these Erik Nystroms is that I found 2 of each them, One for me - one for the mailer to Ann Arbor. The Score is a Glossy parallel.
MVP! It wasn't just for Kitchener Rangers alumni!
And that can lead into the only numbered hockey card I added to the 2/14 collection. 
And the only hockey hit I got was one that I thought I might have already had in the collection, but decided to pull the trigger on anyhow. At least I could add it whenever I made my next COMC submission. But that's no longer an issue since this wasn't a dupe.
I may still need a card featuring JSN in Seahawks gear (although I won't when my next COMC shipment arrives), but these will continue his rise in numbers in the collection. He's at 18 already, and with an auto, a relic and a couple cards numbered to 50 or fewer in the collection, it is definitely a solid start even without a pro uniform.
There might not have been a lot of player variety when it came to adding relics to the collection, but 5 new football hits are still 5 new hits. Especially when it is all about the numbers.
And I got one new auto as well! His 2/14ness has made me the only Ethan Small super-collector on the planet outside of his family. I'm absolutely fine with that.

Less competition.

There you have it!

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