Tuesday 28 November 2023

Gridiron 2/14s

 This time, it is a bunch of 2/14 additions of the football variety that were either in my latest COMC shipment, from Sportlots or ones from the previous COMC shipment I had yet to show off.

I finally have a photo of JSN in Seahawks colours to show off. This is from one of Panini's sets out of the National, and while the colours are super-nice to have, maybe I should have added a card where he doesn't look like he's surprised to be there.

Jaxon isn't the only player to get his first Seattle card in my collection. Tyreke Smith also had only Ohio State Buckeyes appearances prior to this as well. He didn't get too many cards last year, spending it on IR. But he finally got into a game this year - before getting released and resigned to the practice squad. Still, he's as important a member of my collection as Jim Kelly.

Speaking of...
Here's a bunch of his cards from Sportlots. A nice # of junk wax era "I thought I had that one!" cards.
Here's a few horizontal entries. Given the height of some of the hair in the family portrait shot, I'm surprised that one fit.
I'll stay at the QB position with 5 new David Garrards as well. Even with 108 cards in the collection, it still feels like a low amount given the longevity of his career. That's probably to the QB star power ahead of him in Kelly, McNair and Bledsoe. That's not a bad group to be in 4th in.
I just realized that I've had three OSU alums in this post. But I'm thinking that after the game from this past Saturday, I'm not worried about offending a Wolverine-loving trade partner with this.
Finally some shininess! In the form  of an Orange Disco Prizm parallel. And then I get him actually in Packers colours during a game, even if it is the same photo used on his Select cards. 
A pair of autographs to end this. Sure, Mack Wilson's signature might not look like much. It might not parse very well. But his is many times better in all facets than the one I'm going to show off next post. I mean - at least this looks like it could conceivably be a signature.

There you have it!

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  1. Mack Wilson's first name is Lyndell, so at least the L at the beginning of his autograph fits.