Monday 28 August 2023

Mets from Michigan

 Back to the TMV mailer!

I was familiar with Alan Zinter, who made draft pick appearances in 1990 sets. But who is Mike? Did he have a twin that happened to wear the same number? Nope. Just an error(?) card that utilized Alan's middle name instead. But long live oddness like this!
Like with the Jays content - almost a complete 2018 Heritage team set.
Other than that, not much in terms of base cards in this portion, although I can finally welcome that gimmicky Thor card out of Archives to the collection.
Shiny inserts! Parallels! And whatever that card from Moments & Milestones is considered. Is there any better season to be saluted in a Donruss-themed set that 1986 for a Mets card? That DeGrominator card ups the gimmicky nature of a nickname variation by also managing to have a bunch of parallels of that variation. 
Even though tcdb lists 69 (nice!) Mets cards for Julio Franco off his stay there, it still doesn't feel like enough.
The back of this card states that Conlon would become the first Irish born player to reach the majors since the 40s should he make it, which he did for 3 games. It also states his birthplace as Belfast, Northern Ireland. Could a simple baseball card re-ignite The Troubles? 
Look at that thick patch! If I get a card numbered to 15 with a swatch on it, that's what a patch like that should look like. Even if it is event-worn. This is considered to be from the nameplate of the jersey, so I've got me a piece of the 'O'. Or the 'D'. They're similar enough on the back. Or maybe the G on an old Dave Telgheder jersey that Panini found at a yard sale. It wouldn't be the first odd, dated patch the showed up in a Panini product.

There you have it!

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