Tuesday 22 August 2023

Mailbag: Staying in Toronto


At this point, I'm thinking the mailer I referenced yesterday will take 6 posts to cover the varied groupings within: Jays, Mets, Bills Raptors, 2/14 and Misc. I'll wrap up much of the North of the Border stuff in today's post with a small selection of Raptors content. The remaining 4 will get handled over the next few weeks.

Here's the bulk of that content - some shiny parallel cards ands some inserts. That Siakam on the bottom sort of hits both - it is an insert from the parallel 'Winter' release. That purple die-cut of Gasol is number 99, and it is the only one in this bunch that is numbered, even if it feels like those colourful Lowry cards should be as well. 
MoPete was a perfectly fine member of the Raptors, and probably would be considered the team leader in the post-Vince Carter era. He's even started returning to sets with autographs in some recent releases, naturally pictured with Toronto. And his stuff remains reasonably priced too!
Pascal Siakam really spoiled Raptors fans to expect superstardom to come from their late first round selections. While Flynn hasn't reached that level of success, he's been perfectly fine for where he was selected. Nothing spectacular, but he hasn't made the lowlight reel either. I'm fine with that. Also this card wasn't as horribly cut as this scan appears - I hosed up the cropping.

And there you have it!

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