Monday 21 August 2023

Mailbag: Jays from Dennis


As usual, the most recent mailer from Dennis @ Too Many Verlanders was too massive for just one post. So, I'm breaking it down into something more manageable, and probably spreading it out over a bunch of posts over the next month or so. Slow progress is still progress. Today - the Jays content!
The heftiest portion within was what almost completed a team set out of 2018 Heritage. This is just a taste thereof. I ended up a couple SPs and a Jose Bautista away from a complete set. And yes, I'll probably be throwing what's left into my COMC cart in the near future. Because completeness.
Aside from the Heritage, there were a few inserts/parallels from various sets. I guess I really didn't need to pick up a Tapia card from COMC for my "every Jay ever" collection, since that could have filled the requirement nicely. I'm not sure what that Aaron Hill card counts as in an oddball set like Moments and Milestones, but I'll group it here. 
Here's a whole bunch of autos. I actually toyed with throwing a Jario Labourt into my card at some point just because I liked how he used the available space on his card to sign the autograph. Richard Urena's card is yet another example of it not mattering what the numbering of the card it - the best parallels are ones that match the team colours. Blue parallel of a Jays card > A super gaudy 1/1.
I know that I, not that long ago, wished to not see a tribute to the 1987 release for several years. I'll make an exception for my first Ryu autograph, though. This is from the one-encased-hit release 2022 Clearly Authentic, so it came in a magnetic case. I quickly freed it from that case, both to make it easier to store from the binder and to make sure an incoming card has an appropriate home. 

There you have it! That's the first of many posts to show off the cards within and to thank Dennis for the mailer! 


  1. I thought that Urena was pretty rad when I saw it too. Glad you liked this stuff so far and I'm excited to see what you thought of the rest!

  2. I got that Vlad / Trout card in almost every fat pack of Series 2 I bought haha