Friday 18 August 2023


 Just some random cards that I either got in an e-pack purchase, or picked up cheaply at COMC.

I don't really care what sport it is, or what level of the sport it is, since mascot cards will never cease to be wonderful. Crunchman, naturally, represents the Syracuse Crunch while Frenzy roots for the San Jose Barracuda.

I love when legends sets and portions of sets goes a little deeper than the usual to finds names to fill out the checklist. Billy Smith certainly counts for one, with a HOF induction and 4 straight Stanley Cup wins to his name. But Peter Bondra? That's unexpected. And welcome. I love that the logo on the card matches the era of the photo.

Outdoor game fun! UD used glass from the game to make a very original concept for a relic card in 21-22 SP Game Used, but my budget was more aligned to adding a simple banner swatch card from it, featuring Gabriel Landeskog, for my Rangers alum collection.

I'm not passing on a card of a guy named Halbgewachs. He managed 3 NHL games and is now playing overseas. And with a last name like that, he gets a pass on using an abbreviated signature. I'd probably do the same. And I now have two San Jose Barracuda cards in the same post!
CFL randomness! A gold parallel of a long snapper card, a not-quite Tiger-Cats red parallel, and the blue parallel that completes the 2019 team set. I think this one got missed the first time I went through because it was listed as an Argonauts card as opposed to a traded card.
And Happy Scrappy: Hero Pup. 

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